Primo is a wine produced entirely from Nebbiolo grapes cultivated with approaches of Integrated Pest Management in vineyards of Mezzomerico, a municipality with a wine vocation on the hills of Novara. Rigorously hand-picked, grapes are destemmed and crushed in the cellar and fermented in steel tanks at controlled temperature for about 15 days. In the course of the fermentation, daily pump-overs promote maceration and extraction of noble compounds from grape´s skins and seeds. Once drawn off, and at the end of a malolactic fermentation, the wine is aged partly in French oak tonneaux and partly in steel barrels for about 18 months before being blended. Once bottled, the product is labeled and sealed with wax, to rests for about 6 months in our cellars.


Harvest: 2022
Aging: French oak tonneaux and steel tanks

Winemaker notes:

The color of Primo, Nebbiolo, Controlled Designation of Origin Colline Novaresi (Hills of Novara), is red with a garnet tinge. To the nose, it is rich; it has a good presence of tertiary aromas such as cocoa and tobacco, which are harmoniously linked to cherry and raspberry. With more patience, you can notice pepper and cloves. It is a wine with an intense character, in the mouth it is balanced and pleasant with little invasive tannin, good freshness and sapidity that guarantees an excellent tasting.

Pairings: A well-balanced wine that goes well with classic red meat dishes, traditional first courses, cheeses and cured meats, but it also goes well with vegetarian or spicy dishes, up to the classic combination with pears.

cantinedivinorum, primo

How to store the bottle?

To preserve the organoleptic properties of this wine, we recommend storing the bottle in the dark, laid horizontally, in an environment with constant temperature, in a range between 12 and 18 degree Celsius. The best place to preserve this wine is a fresh basement. Before tasting, we recommend keeping the bottle in the vertical position and opening in advance of at least one hour.

Our Story

Five friends, grown up together and involved in different professions, share the common passion for winemaking. On the 2017, they decided to make a dream come true by creating their own wine: this was the beginning of Divinorum. Primo, is a 100% Nebbiolo variety wine created in collaboration with Crola winery of Mezzomerico with the Controlled Designation of Origin Colline Novaresi. Since centuries, this land is renowned for the prestige of its grape production, among which Nebbiolo grape found its excellence.

Primo is produced with grape cultivated in vineyards of the reserve MAB Ticino Val Grande Verbano belonging to UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves.

The protagonists


Paolo Ceruti


Matteo Ceruti


Mauro Piantoni


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